Life Keeps Showing Up In Different Colors


the patterns

sit next to each other

intertwining strokes

darkness and despair


with the soft edges

peace and love

splatters of purple

crimson red and ivory black

bleeding through

hues of light orange

deep yellow and gold


 one strong wide stroke

light emerald green beams

covering all that is mean

twisting forms shifting designs

curving and revolving

eventually everthing is blue

the heart went somewhere

the canvas holds the remains

touching up brush strokes

soft lines around dark edges

where glimpses of light belong

freely yet cautiously

we watch

how the brush

leaks out

colors of the heart

that mirror the soul

from moment to moment

the energy changes course

seeking a balance

the feelings of life come and go

our strokes tell it all

simply showing us with different colors

Creating Our Pilgrimage


the earth turns

our journey begins

crying out

our breath speaks

pushing through

high and low tide

we begin our pilgrimage

holding hands

with the sun moon and stars

we create our life and our death

we experience pain

we experience joy

we listen to our hearts

we mark our steps

design our path

our presence here

is an honor