Christmas Magic


Christmas Magic

memories  of yesterday
wishes of tomorrow
like threads
the branches sketch out patterns
the remnants that remain
they glow and sparkle
underneath the lights
our hearts mirror visions
our eyes tear
scatterings of joy and sorrow
muddled beneath our bewildered mind

staring intto the branches
we remember the births
the moments of miracles
the touch of the torn stocking
reminds us how it felt to laugh
glancing at the worn ornaments
our wounds grow sore
we try to believe
if the magic
will ever come back

through the years
we witnessed many dreams
some melted away
from apathy and pain
our hearts grew numb
the beats slower
our beings tired
yet we continued
upon  the laughter outside
to soothe the crying inside

now we watch life
from a different angle
we sprinkle the branches
with our glowing tinsel
delicate whispers  of wisdom
accepting what is
trying to understand
what  is not
the magic comes back
in the dark still night

cuddled up
underneath the warm quilt
we share the magic
with our grandchildren
through their eyes
we relinquish our being
reading together
the big bold letters
across the printed page
“the bell rings true
for all those who believe”

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