My Name is Thank You

” If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” Meister Eckhart


My Name is Thank You

my name is thank you
I am drenched in love
you see my face
on each precious flower
read my message
in a special note
that leaks with humility
tenderness and praise

sometimes I come
in a quiet whisper
an easy nod a wink
a pat on the shoulder
simply put I am there
with open arms
to honor your presence
or testament of good will

with my spirit I span the universe
my grip is strong and powerful
each handshake is a symbol of my love
I am the light that shines upon darkness
I am the unexpected squeeze
that hug you desperately crave
as you reign your being
expressing your faith hope and love

my intentions are pure and honest
I am a free spirit that gathers gifts
from the powers of the heart
so not to forget my presence
I am the center of attention
on a special day
where each gather to give thanks
around a bountiful table

my spirit glows
my name glorifies the gifts of the earth
the miracle of eachother
my presence here is an honor
as each turn towards one another
to say thank you
a message of light shines
from the power of the divine above

Happy Thanksgiving

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