Dear Ms. Ryan, Please Don’t Be Mad At Me Today


Dear Ms Ryan
It’s  raining
real hard today,
I can’t seem  
to concentrate.
My eyes are so heavy.
They feel like
Two weak windows
that keep slamming shut.
When  I try
To listen.
all they  want to do
is fall asleep

I think that
inside my head
I am still dreaming.
I don’t think 
I can do
any work  today.
I think
I am sad
like the clouds.

Last  night,
I saw big people
drinking bottles.
It smelled so funny.
(but not a good funny).
It made me feel creepy.
My mom was acting strange.
She even forgot
that I was
at her side.

I  was so afraid
I took my cat Pebbles
into my room
and closed the door.
We both hid
under the covers.
The noise was so loud
that I started to shake.
Some of the tears
dripped onto Pebbles.
I thought the loud sounds
would be in my head
But then…
I fell asleep.

I don’t remember
I just remember
getting up in these clothes.
I felt  so yucky.
When my mother
came to wake me up
she looked different.
She smelled
very bad.
I wasn’t sure if
it was her.
standing there.
I was scared.

The bus
came early.
I had to skip
my crunchy cereal.
My nose keeps
and I feel cold.
My woolen socks
are all wet
from the puddle
I stepped into.

I feel
A little shaky
inside too.
My stomach
is making noises.
I wish 
I had a sweater
I don’t feel right.
Please, Ms Ryan,
don’t  be mad
at me today.

If it’s  okay
with you
can I just
lie my head
on my desk?
I will try
to listen to you
Your voice
is so soft.
It makes me feel
It reminds me
of Grandma Martha.
I feel in  love when
I’m with her.

I wish today
was Friday
she would pick
me up.
Grandma Martha
cradles me tight
in her arms.
She makes me
smile again.
We always
sit down together
at her cozy kitchen table.
She gives me
my favorite
sugar cookies,
and of course
delicious hot chocolate
with marshmallows.

we watch the
mounds of marshmallows
float and then
When I take a sip
she  laughs and
runs  for a mirror.
Then, I look at
my mustache.
We start to giggle
so hard
that our sides

Please, Ms. Ryan,
If I fall
can you keep me
in school?
I don’t think
I want to go
back to my house
I know my mother
won’t miss me.
she drinks from
those bottles,
she doesn’t seem
like my mother

I remember when
my mother used to
meet me after school.
She couldn’t wait
to give me
a great big hug.
We don’t do that
It’s not the same.

I have to take
the school bus.
It’s lonely.
We moved
and it’s too far
to walk.
When I come home
my mother
is still in her pajamas.
I have to get
my own snack.
She is always tired.
She doesn’t even
hug me anymore.

Ms. Ryan,
my head feels
so heavy
and my eyes
are closing.
I don’t think
I am going to be
awake for the
end of the story.
If you keep me
I’ll be ready
for tomorrow
I promise,
I’ll listen then.
Thank you, Ms. Ryan.
You are such a
nice teacher.

The school year has just begun for some and will start in a few days for others. Stories like this  one are real. Children are very open and honest. Let’s remember to listen to what they say with an open heart. Have an awesome year ahead!

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