Searching for Serenity  

Searching for Serenity
two souls together

searching for serenity

connected by chance

they support one another

ingesting the beauty

on this quiet beach

the streams of seagulls

one stands wounded

limping aimlessly

he bears down

in search for food 
he flutters his wings

to gather strength

like the open sea

in front of us

he continues to stand

tall and erect
the beach

is his respite

for nourishment

a safe haven

to guide his flock

and to fly free

we stare ahead

allowing the soft breeze

from the ocean

to gently heal

our wounded pain
my injured heart

is shedding   its tears

as i watch the drops 

leak from the sand

i notice the seagull

closer to me
he quickly looks

then stares ahead

with a forceful sigh

i throw the invisible 

pieces of life 

out to sea
yearning for comfort

i watch the waves

bear the pain

sensing some relief

the seaqull moves even closer

looks longer and flies away
i follow his path

as he circles around me

his enduring message

is now mine to hold

to go in peace

and fly free

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